Binge watching television can actually kill you

If you remember your mother or your grandmother telling you not to sit too close to the television screen because it would “melt out your eyeballs”, the odds are pretty good that you remember sloughing off their advice and ignoring the potential health risks that long-term exposure to television can pose.

And while the your mom and grandmother probably were a little bit off-base with believing that your eyeballs would melt right out of your sockets because you’ve watched television to close, they weren’t wrong that the TV – and any screen, for that matter – can actually kill you.

binge watching 1

More and more research from respected universities and groups all over the world points to a very high spike in mortality rates involving people that remain sedentary for longer blocks of time than they would have in the past.

Binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, for example, may actually increase your risk of death by a factor of 15%

Television is one of the world’s favorite distractions, with the overwhelming majority of people spending at least 21 hours a week – every single week – planted right in front of their television screen, laptop, or tablet watching movies and shows.

Unfortunately, this grand distraction can lead to a tremendous amount of health concerns later down the line – and researchers are noticing and extreme spike in a handful of debilitating and deadly conditions that they believe are closely related to this more sedentary lifestyle.

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Dangerous conditions are up significantly

Diabetes is up 56% in individuals that watch at least two hours of television every day.

Suicide is up 43% in individuals that watch at least two hours of television each day.

Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, COPD, and heart disease are all up at least 30% in individuals that watch at least two hours of television per day.

We are talking about a serious health epidemic here, and we need to do everything in our power to break the sedentary lifestyle that we’ve been leading and move our bodies more often.

All you have to do is take a break between the binge watches to stretch, to move your body, to get the blood flowing to all of your extremities and you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the negative impact that sitting down and watching a show for hours and hours on end can have on your body.