Will Exercise Help Painful Conditions?

Yes, in almost all cases, exercise will help painful conditions. This is why a lot of doctors advise their patients to indulge in mild or moderate exercise at least a few times per week. While certain painful conditions, such as sports injuries, may require time off from exercise, with a mind to promoting healing, others may heal faster when regular exercise is added to a daily regimen.


Today, we’re going to talk about why exercise works in terms of soothing pain and promoting healing which reduces pain.

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Exercise Boosts Blood Flow

Exercise promotes healing because it improves blood flow. When blood flow to sore or damaged areas is increased, it’s easier for the body to repair itself. When the body does repair itself, pain is decreased. This simple principle is something that doctors understand and this is why they recommend exercise.

Even a nice, brisk walk after supper will help a lot. Just try to walk at a decent pace, so that your heartrate goes up, and walk for at least thirty minutes. If you’re feeling unwell due to pain, take it easy on yourself. Even a ten-minute walk is better than nothing and you may be able to build up your fitness over time.

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A painful condition may also be improved via the “feel-good” chemicals which are produced after moderate exercise. Bear in mind that the mildest exercise may not be enough to produce these feel good chemicals. However, thirty minutes of moderate exercise should give you access to the chemicals, which are known as endorphins.

Endorphins put us in euphoric moods and they also make us less sensitive to pain. Once you get used to living with endorphins, you may find that skipping a day of exercise makes you feel a bit down. People who exercise a lot tend to be in better moods. They build exercise into their days because it helps them to feel great and stay positive. You can do this, too, and you should.

While you’ll likely have days when a painful health condition “takes over” and you just don’t feel like walking or doing other forms of exercise, trying to get some physical activity a few days per week will be one of the best ways to conquer pain without drugs or surgery.

Our bodies need exercise in order to heal and in order to stay healthy. Also, we are able to access natural pain relief and mood elevation when we raise our heart rates and produce endorphins.